Whether you already have children or are trying for your first child, you may want to have a boy. The gender of your baby is decided by the sperm of your male partner. Men have sperm that contain either Y or X chromosomes. The X chromosome is what makes a girl and the Y chromosome is what makes a boy. Another difference in the two chromosomes is that the sperm containing the Y chromosome is a faster swimmer than those that contain the X chromosome.

Baby Boy

There is no way for you to pick the gender of your baby, but it is possible to give yourself a better chance of having a boy by using various sex positions to conceive a boy. In order to give the sperm containing the Y chromosome the best chance of getting to the egg first, you will want to use positions that allow for the deepest penetration and the closest route to the ovaries.

Useful Tips To Conceive A Baby Boy

Useful tipsThe first position to consider using is the missionary position. This position will give the man deep penetration. This position can also be altered in a couple of ways in order to give an even deeper penetration. The first way to alter the position is to put a thick pillow under the butt of the woman. This alteration will give the woman more pleasure in this position, lifts the woman’s hip, and gives a direct path to the cervix. The second way to alter this position is for the woman to bring her knees in towards her chest and place her feet on the man’s chest. For some women this position may be uncomfortable, if this is the case, the woman can bring her legs up to the man’s shoulder and rest her feet or heels there. This position will give deep penetration during sex.

Doggy-style is another position that will help in conceiving a boy. This position will allow for deep penetration and the sperm will have a close shot to the cervix. This position can also be modified slightly to allow for an even closer shot to the cervix. Normally the woman would be on her hands and knees in front of her partner. When using this modified position, the woman would bring her legs in towards her chest and have them under her stomach.

Because the Y chromosome is the faster swimmer, standing while having sex can help a couple conceive a boy. The slower swimming X chromosome will be slowed down further with gravity pulling it down.

An important part of having sex to conceive a boy is to use a sexual position that will allow for the woman to have multiple orgasms. During an orgasm the walls of a woman’s uterus contracts. This contracting will help to push the sperm through to the cervix. The more orgasms a woman has and the stronger they are, the better the contracting will be. The timing of the woman’s and man’s orgasms are also an important part. In order to give the sperm the best push through to the cervix, the woman should be in the middle of her orgasms when he ejaculates.

Although sperm containing the Y chromosome are faster swimmers, they are more sensitive to the pH levels within a woman. They also do not live as long as the X chromosome does and are weaker. If the pH level within the woman’s vagina is too acidic, the sperm containing the Y chromosome will not be able to survive. They are able to survive longer in an environment containing more alkaline. In order to ensure that the acid level within a woman’s body is not too high, there are certain foods that should be eaten.

Studies have been completed that show that if a women eats these foods it will help in conceiving a boy. It may seem odd, but breakfast cereal is the first food that a woman should consume more of when trying to conceive a boy. Eating two or more bowls of cereal a day will give you a better chance of having a boy. Eating more salt with your foods or saltier foods is also supposed to help a woman’s odds of conceiving a boy. Eating foods that are high in potassium are helpful in conceiving a boy. These foods include bananas, nuts, raisins, and apricots. Dairy foods are something that a woman trying to conceive a boy should stay away from. Although dairy is good for you, eating it will make a woman’s vagina more acidic. Using a douche can also lower the level of acidity and make it into a more alkaline environment. Just perfect for the sperm containing the Y chromosome. There are test strips that can be used to test the pH levels to ensure they are at the right level.

For anyone that wants to have a boy, these are some tips that will give you a better chance. These are not a guarantee, but will put you on the right track to that boy you have always wanted.